Leonardo's main objective is to provide quality instruments at unbeatable prices and we do exactly that. Leonardo's Gainesville Guitar Store Offers A Variety Of Guitars And Much More Whether you’re looking for a collectible guitar, a rare vintage guitar, or just a favorite brand like Martin, Yamaha, Fender or Gibson, you’ll find our Gainesville guitar store can help. Although we’re a ‘mom and pop’ shop, we’re anything but typical. In fact, at Leonardo's we’re probably among the most unique music stores Gainesville FL will ever be served by. We’re the guitar store Gainesville musicians rely on for quality instruments and basic supplies.   We’re located in Micanopy, Florida, which puts us in the perfect location to serve as a guitar center for Gainesville, Ocala and the surrounding areas. We have become the guitar store Jacksonville Fl residents count on for everything from Acoustic guitars to antiques and coins. One of the things that makes our Gainesville guitar store different from other music stores is the fact that we not only offer an amazing collection of guitars and other musical instruments, but we also have a rather eccentric selection of antiques. And we don’t stop there. There’s something for everyone in our store! The Place to Find Used Guitars Florida Musicians Want and Vintage Guitars Florida Collectors Value Whether you’re a collector or a dedicated musician you will find our collection of guitars is impressive. Browsing our instruments can be very entertaining. After all, a vintage or used guitar is much more than ‘used’ goods. These instruments have character, they have a depth to them that is unmatched by brand new items. And for those that prefer a new look and feel, we’ve got that covered too. We specialize in factory refurbished instruments. Leonardo's is decorated with some of the finest guitars available. As you browse you’ll find everything from a Tanglewood Acoustic guitar to an Ibanez Electric guitar, and in between those you’re likely to find a beautiful Takamine Classical guitar or maybe even a Vintage Epiphone or Fender guitar. Here’s a list of some of the brands you’ll find in our store: • Alvarez • Applause * Bedell • Cort • Dean • Dobro • Epiphone • Fender • Gibson • Grestsch • Guild • Hagstrom • Ibanez • Martin • Ovation • Peavey • Samick • Schecter • Tanglewood • Takamine * Taylor • Yamaha A Little Gainesville Guitar Store That Has A Lot To Offer Whether you think of us as a Gainesville guitar store, a Jacksonville vintage guitar shop or your local Ocala music store, we simply appreciate you thinking of us! We have an extraordinary collection of used guitars Florida musicians appreciate. The variety of brand names we offer is impressive. And thanks to our extensive selection of instruments we are the guitar store Jacksonville FL turns to for used and vintage guitars. Our amazing collection has established us as a guitar store Gainesville residents trust for quality and value. The fact that we also sell antiques and other collectibles helps set us apart from other shops. It’s one of the things that make us different from other music stores Gainesville FL has to offer. We really are a unique Gainesville guitar center!

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Leonardo's provides quality instruments at discount prices. Visit our online store and see for yourself. Leonardo's buys vintage, antique and used guitars and musical instruments. 

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